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Tips on Attending Violin Schools

Violin schools can be easily accessed by any student who is passionate to learn the violin. However, you are not assured that you will learn the violin after you attended lessons on the musical instrument. Violin teachers will sure help you achieve your goal, but you have to do  your part also as a student.

By following a few tips, you will be able to maximize the things you learn from your teacher and advance faster in your craft as a violin player.

Enroll in a Class Set-up Most Suitable for You

Violin students are given a lot of choices in choosing a class set-up that suits them best. You can choose to have a class in school or at home. You can also choose to study by yourself or study with a group of students. Violin lessons are usually from 30 to 60 minutes in length per session.

Find a class set-up that will be beneficial for you depending on your other activities. For instance, if you are attending school or work, limit the frequency and length of your classes. You can likewise try longer lessons during weekends. One hour of class on Saturdays or Sundays is enough to keep you updated with the violin. At least four lessons in a month are recommended by some violin schools.

Take Care of Your Instrument

Your violin is your constant companion in your journey, so it is important to take good care of your musical instrument.  If you want a long-lasting violin, you have to invest on good quality instrument and accessories. Buying high quality materials will cost you a little more as you start. However, this will spare you from additional expenses in the long run, given that you take good care of your violin.

Store your violin properly. Make sure that you always place it back in its case and put it away in a safe storage, where there are no extreme changes in temperature. Veer away from attics and basements. Do not ignore even minor damages in your instrument. As soon as you notice something wrong go to a luthier immediately and have it checked.

Make Your Practice Short but Regular

This has always been the advice of violin teachers to their students—whether beginner or advanced. If you want to sustain the things you learned from your class, make sure that you reserve a few minutes a day to practice your newly-learned skills.

Teachers advise against long hours of practice, especially if you are a beginner. Thirty minutes is enough to perform warm ups, cool down and lesson proper.

Listen to Violin Music

It is just right that you engage in activities that will help rouse your interest in violin-playing. Listening to violin music—whether classic or contemporary—will help increase your appreciation of the technical and artistic aspects of the musical instrument. Moreover, you can get inspiration from songs or compositions that are good to learn and practice on. Some violin schools sell CDs which you can listen to for great violin ensemble, or you can watch videos or listen to audio files on the Internet.

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