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Science Fair Ideas on Gerbils

    Vitamin Test

    • Test the effect that gerbil vitamins have on a gerbil's weight. Obtain two gerbils, preferably of the same gender, age and genetic background. Place each gerbil in a separate cage or aquarium and provide each with the same amount of food, water and activity. Measure the starting weight of each gerbil and begin giving one gerbil vitamins in his food. Measure each gerbil's weight every day for several weeks to determine if the vitamins have any effect on its weight.

    Calorie Test

    • Obtain eight gerbils of the same gender and keep each gerbil in his own cage, away from the others. The experiment works with fewer gerbils, but more gerbils lead to more accurate results. Give each gerbil an exercise wheel equipped with an odometer that measures the number of rotations. Provide each gerbil the same amount of food and water. Once the gerbils adjust to the diet, gradually increase the caloric intake of half the gerbils by providing these with a 10 percent solution of Karo syrup and water. After three weeks pass, check to see if the gerbils with the higher caloric intake exercised more frequently than those in the control group.

    Maze Test: Male versus Female

    • Observe any differences in behavior between male and female gerbils. Obtain four females and four males, keeping the females in separate cages from the males. Provide all gerbils with the same amount of food, water and exercise. After the subjects adjust to their living conditions, construct a simple maze and send each gerbil through the maze, one at a time. Record the time it takes each gerbil and average the times for males and females. Also make notes about the behaviors of each gerbil as it completes the maze. Repeat this procedure every day for several weeks to determine whether or not gender influences how gerbils complete the maze.

    Maze Test: Testing Times

    • Test the effect of food intake on a gerbil's ability to think. For the most thorough results, observe up to eight gerbils. Feed all eight gerbils the same food at the same time throughout the length of the experiment. Construct a simple maze for the gerbils, and allow half the gerbils to wander through the maze a half hour after feeding. Test the other half immediately before feeding. Record which group completes the maze quickest. Repeat this procedure for a week or more.

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