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Different Styles of Secretary Desks

    Antique vs. Modern Secretary Desks

    • Antique secretary desks have more intricate, vintage designs, but still include the tell-tale pull-down work area, usually hinged. Antique secretary desks also often come with small bookcases attached that mark them as antique as opposed to more modern styles that have roll-down covers for the work area. A bit of wear and tear on an antique secretary desk does not take away from its charm; rather it makes it more homey and warm in appearance. More modern secretary desks with clean lines may lack the upper hutch and are fitted with sliders or internal gears that open the work area.

    Secretary Desks With Glass Hutches

    • Secretary desks with glass hutches, whether more modern in design or antique, allow for attractive storage of trinkets, precious objects or books. They can add warmth to any room where the desk is placed. The fold-down work area is still present, but in addition to the practical nature of the secretary desk, the glass hutch adds a touch of charm and a sense of classic vintage design.

    Corner Secretary Desks

    • Just as there are both antique and modern secretary desks that sit flat against the wall, there are models that fit into a corner, conserving even more space and breaking up the flat lines of a room. This type of desk is probably more popular in vintage styles that can be found at higher-end antique and consignment shops. It offers a great space-saving alternative, with all the classic features of a flat secretary desk, including a drop-down work area, or perhaps a roll-down cover for the area in the case of a vintage piece. However, with more people moving into urban areas with smaller spaces, such as townhomes and condos, a modern corner secretary desk can be not only a great space-saver but an attractive piece of furniture as well.

    History of Secretary Desks

    • Secretary desks, popular in Victorian times, have evolved over time from more intricate, vintage styles to sleek black modern looks. In fact, these desks have changed in the last century. They have been used as early as the 17th century by clerks and assistants. Characters in Charles Dickens' classics would most likely have worked at one. Generally, the desks were made from local trees such as oak, mahogany and walnut, though wealthy homeowners could import more expensive, exotic wood to build a secretary desk. Secretary desks are slowly growing in popularity around the world as people rediscover both their usefulness and beauty.

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