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How to Start a Freebie Website Business

    • 1). Choose freebie categories for your directory. For a niche website business, focus on targeted freebies like freebies for bloggers or freebies for homeowners.

    • 2). Create a spreadsheet to store all freebies that you find. Include columns for category, URL, description and affiliate information. Enter data each time you find a new freebie.

    • 3). Search affiliate directories for pay-per-lead or pay-per-sign-up affiliate programs. These programs pay you each time you refer visitors who sign up on their websites. Look for affiliate programs that offer free gifts in exchange for sign-ups. For example, a site may offer a free ebook in exchange for a newsletter subscription and pay you, the affiliate, 50 cents for each newsletter sign-up. Find as many sites like this as you can--they provide content for your directory while earning you money. Sign up as an affiliate for these sites. Add these sites to your spreadsheet and include affiliate program information in the appropriate column.

    • 4). Use advanced searches on major search engines to find freebies. Limit the search to content from the last year to avoid listing outdated freebies on your website. Conduct searches such as "free samples," "free ebooks," "free scripts" and "free web hosting." Since freebies are commonly available online, most search terms will generate search results. Avoid copying free listings from other freebie directory websites, since this violates those sites' copyrights. If you find a freebie on a blog or a news site, follow the link to the freebie website to ensure accuracy. List the freebie website URL in your directory, not the blog or news site URL.

    • 5). Search each freebie website to see if it has an affiliate program. If it does, sign up and include the affiliate information in your spreadsheet. If the site does not have an affiliate program, list the site in your spreadsheet anyway. Even if you cannot earn money from the freebie, include it as part of your site's content.

    • 6). Create a webpage for each category using your spreadsheet data. List each freebie along with a description and clickable URL. If the freebie is part of a pay-per-lead affiliate program, include the affiliate program's URL as the freebie link. If a freebie is part of a website with an affiliate program, use the freebie URL in the directory. Under the free listing, write a short statement about the website and include the affiliate site's URL.

    • 7). Create a freebie home page that links to all your category pages. List a few profitable affiliate program freebies on the home page to increase profits. Change featured freebies frequently.

    • 8). Check freebie links on your site and regularly remove outdated listings. Search for new content and update the directory daily or weekly. Include new freebies found on your home page.

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