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Jardine Americana Lifetime Convertible Crib Instructions

    Crib Assembly

    • 1). Connect the side panel to the front post using one wooden dowel at base. Secure the side panel to the front post with two 1/4-by-2-1/2-inch bolts, tightening them with an allen key. Repeat this step for the remaining side panel and front post.

    • 2). Attach the side panels to the headboard with four wooden dowels. Secure the headboard to the side panels with four 1/4-by-2-1/2-inch bolts, using the allen key.

    • 3). Insert the mattress support between the two side panels at the base of crib. Secure it with four 1/4-by-1/2-inch bolts in each corner of the mattress support at the desired height level. Once the height level is established, fill in the rest of the height adjustment slots with bolts to ensure stability.

    • 4). Attach the front panel to the front posts using two wooden dowels on each side. Once secure, screw the front panel to the front posts with 1/4-by-3-1/8-inch bolts.

    Conversion to Toddler Bed

    • 1). Unscrew the front panel from the front posts with the allen key.

    • 2). Lower the mattress support to the lowest level using the adjustment slots.

    • 3). Secure the guardrail to the front posts with two wooden dowels, one on each side. Once in place, screw in one 1/4-by-3-1/8-inch bolt to each side of the front posts.

    Conversion to Full-Size Bed

    • 1). Detach the guardrail, the two front posts and the mattress support from the headboard.

    • 2). Connect the two front posts to the front panel with two wooden dowels on each side. Secure with 1/4-by-3-1/8-inch bolts, two on each side.

    • 3). Attach the full-size conversion rails (not included) to the headboard and the front panel (now the footboard).

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