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Computer Science Undergraduate Projects

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      Undergraduate computer science students are commonly asked to demonstrate their understanding of content by completing a project. Computer science projects allow professors to test their students' understanding of the material and offer students the opportunity to apply their learning to real life situations. Engaging and relevant computer science projects work toward preparing pupils for entry into the workforce.

    Robotic Sports Players

    • Ask each student to create a robot that can move about a playing area and kick a ball. Arm your students with kits full of robotic materials, or allow them to select their own supplies to use in completing this project. When students finish the challenge, set up a playing area and put their creations to the test. Grade them on the success of their projects.

    Dining Hall Automation Plan

    • Center your project around something your students likely have experience with: the dining hall. Instruct your students to visit a campus dining hall and consider how computers could be used to enhance the service provided. Encourage students to be creative in considering ways in which the dining hall process could be automated. Ask each student to compose a paper outlining her ideas and create a diagram to show how her plan would work. Take time from your standard lecture to allow each student to present her plan to the class.

    Alternate Input Devices

    • While most people use a simple keyboard and mouse to input information into their computers, there are an array of alternative input devices designed to make computer use possible for individuals with limited mobility. Give your students a lecture on alternative input devices that are used by the disabled or people with special needs. Ask your students to build upon the cursory information you provided them and delve further into the topic by researching alternative input devices.

      After students have completed their research, ask them to develop an idea for a new type of alternative input device. Ask your students to write a report stating how the device would work and who it would likely be used by. Instruct students to pair their report with a drawing of what their device would look like so others can understand their vision and see how this tool could help make computers accessible to others.

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