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The Advantages of Direct Mail Advertising

    Highly Targeted

    • Many businesses, especially smaller start-ups, cannot afford television or print advertising because of the high cost involved. Direct mail advertising relies on demographics such as age and income to develop a list of targeted prospects. By narrowing the list of people you’re advertising to, you’re decreasing the marketing costs involved while increasing the chances that the prospects will respond.


    • A U.S. Postal Service study has found that 55 percent of people look forward to opening their mail. With direct mail, you can customize your advertisements to address your customer by name and create a relationship. Because direct mail advertising lists are targeted, your advertising can closely reflect the interests of your target demographic.

    Simplified Response Tracking

    • The key to measuring the success of any marketing strategy is response. It’s difficult to track customer responses to a mass media ad. Direct mail advertising makes it easier to track response if you include a strong call-to-action in your advertisement. For example, if you include an order form with your direct mail ad you can count the number of order forms you receive from customers. You can also provide your target audience with a unique URL to your website then track the number of hits on that web address.

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