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Various strategies to avoid exchange rate risk for export enterprises

European debt crisis Fujian enterprises exports to the EU market. However, it is pleased with the fact, many export enterprises actively coping strategies, through a variety of ways to avoid risks, thereby increasing market opportunities.

Strategy 1: the whole company brainstorming

An export company CEOs Zhenghong Feng said that the EU market already be "sovereign debt crises," the impact on the export business for some time that the market had some disadvantages.

"Every month of the regular meeting, we have heated discussions of new ideas and solutions. The company from top to bottom to make it inclusive, so many new ideas emerged, new orders are again and again 'brainstorming' after emerging.

Strategy 2: Depth Analysis of customer needs

Zheng Hongfeng that, generators have been the product of ten years history of exporting, Henduo people all think that this product has been very mature, Mei You open up the space, Danshi their companies do not think so Xuqiujiushi market, there Genzhekehu of Xu Qiuzou market, the market caught, then are not afraid of a big crisis.

Strategy 3: Implementation of the concept of low-carbon environment

In addition to detailed customer demand, the macro P Ji Dian Ying Dui also taken two other initiatives: First, combined with low carbon environmental philosophy, as found in low-carbon environmentally friendly solar mainstream is the current European market demand, the company added in the factory's equipment solar lighting components, both to allow customers more choice, also can Xianshi its products to low-carbon Huanbaogainian;

Strategy 4: Avoid using the euro clearing

The manager of a foreign trade company in Quanzhou, Miss Shen believes that the euro exchange rate fluctuations, so the negotiations with the EU client payment, it is best to persuade them to adopt the U.S. dollar clearing, to avoid in euros.

Strategy 5: Using Financial Derivatives

For the current volatile situation in the euro exchange rate, export enterprises, if only by previous conventional methods can effectively hedge exchange rate risk has become more difficult to avoid.

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