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How to Calculate Implicit Costs

Part of the budget for any proposal should consist of indirect, or implicit, costs often referred to as "overhead." If you fail to include overhead in your costs, you will overshoot your budget by as much as 30 percent, depending on the project. Such an overrun on a multimillion-dollar construction

Benefits of Nonprofit Incorporation

Nonprofit clubs and associations are often small, informal organizations in their early stages. Most of the effort is in getting the group going and seeing whether it is viable. In many cases little thought is given to organizational structure, including questions about incorporation. If you want yo

Basic Accounting Principal Rules

Proper accounting helps a company keep track of its financial accounts image by Nicemonkey from Fotolia.comAccounting is a method to keep track of a company's financial transactions. Transactions of a company are recorded in the general ledger as journal entries. The...