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Estate Tax Rules

Many wealthy Americans sometimes fear the estate tax and often hire lawyers and accountants to try and avoid paying it when they leave their estate to heirs. Generally, the estate tax only applies when you leave a substantial amount of money and property behind after you die; usually with a value of

IRA Tax Limits

An Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA) provides an easy way for you to augment Social Security and any personal savings you may have for retirement, while also providing tax deductions if you are below certain income limits and if you meet certain age requirements.

What is a Tax Refund?

Most people have heard of folks getting tax refunds, otherwise known as a "tax rebate" or "claiming tax back" but what does it mean? A tax refund is a payment made by the HM Revenue & Customs (the new name for the Inland Revenue) to someone who has paid too much tax during a part