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How to Draw Palm Trees

Comics & Animation
Palm trees have leaves protruding only from the top of the trunk rather than the whole trunk, like most trees. When drawing a palm tree, it is important to break the tree down into basic shapes first, then add in the details and erase the excess lines last. When drawing a palm tree, add your own per

How to Draw a Bear's Head

Comics & Animation
Drawing is one of the best ways a person can express herself. At some point, everyone draws a picture of an animal. A bear is one of the most common animals drawn, as most people like the cuddly cartoon variety. However, drawing a more realistic-looking bear is a bit more of a challenge. With the ri

How to Draw Barn Animals

Comics & Animation
Barn animals are heavily featured in children's illustrations and literature such as E.B. White's Charlotte's Web. A favorite barn animal is the pig. Drawing a pig in a realistic manner can be accomplished by breaking down the parts of the pig into recognizable and familiar geometric shapes. This wi