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How to Make a DB9 Cable

There are occasions when you need to connect two computers to each other. Direct connections of two computers facilitate the sharing of files or programs that are too large to transfer any other way. The cable required for this connection is a DB9 cable. A DB9 cable used for simple communication wit

How to Erase Internet Software

The Internet offers you the ability to download online software onto your computer. Some of that software is known as freeware, which means that it is free to download, and other software must be purchased before you can download it. If you download software from the Internet and later don't want it

How to Get Subtitles on Netflix

Netflix offers thousands of movies and TV shows as streaming video through its Watch Instantly service. Netflix members can also turn on subtitles for some titles. This feature is great for the hearing impaired, those who do not understand the original language of a video or to make sure you can und