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Fasting and Health

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Fasting is an age old practice which has been used across the world for generations to help the body cleanse and restore health on physical, emotional/spiritual, and mental levels. It is known to assist the body in quickly surfacing and then eliminating the causes of dis-eases within the body, rangi

How to Make Cooked Fondant

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Cooked fondant, also known as European fondant, is crystallized sugar syrup that is smoothed into a creamy white mass. Cake professionals use fondant to decorate flawless-looking cakes. Once completed, fondant can be placed in molds to make special decorations or rolled for a flat cake covering. To

A Fool Proof Diet

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If you are looking for a fool proof diet to shed off a couple of pounds, then keep reading.A breakthrough new diet called calorie shifting is becoming more and more popular as people young and old are seeing amazing results.The idea behind it is simple and you are still able to eat the foods that yo