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What is Hess's Law?

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Suppose you are responsible for purchasing the fuel for a chemical plant that produces carbon monoxide gas from graphite. Unless you are able to determine how much heat the process requires, you won't be able to keep enough fuel at the plant. Hess's Law can help you to calculate how much heat will b

Different Gun Sights

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Sighting systems vary widely among firearms. At the extreme, some close-range personal defense pistols have no sighting system at all, while hunting rifles are often equipped with telescopic sights designed to deliver a precise shot at a target hundreds of yards away. Choosing the appropriate sight

How Do Gliders Work?

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Air MachinesA glider is a unique air vehicle that differs greatly from airplanes, helicopters and the like because of the crucial lack of one central component: the engine. However, this need not be a detriment; indeed, the lack of an engine in a glider can be seen by some adventurous...