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How to Recycle House Keys

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Many items in your household can be recycled and remade into something new. When you recycle an item, you are helping to conserve energy and natural resources, which protect our planet and ensure sustainability for future generations. A common household item you might not think to recycle is your ho

Chenille Sofa Durability

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Choosing a sofa is not easy. Not only must you take into account the style and comfort of the design, but its durability as well. As far as durability concerns specifically, upholstery plays a very large part. Chenille offers a fuzzy, velvety texture that is as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as

Wood Vs. Plastic Lattice

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Lattice can be extremely beneficial in landscaping. As a fence, it provides privacy from neighbors, marks property lines and can also help camouflage unsightly necessities such as an air conditioner. When it comes to lattice materials, the two most common and readily available choices are plastic la