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How to Design Your Pool

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A swimming pool is not only an ideal feature to have in your backyard for enjoyment and entertaining, but it can increase the value of your home. When you decide to install a swimming pool, you must spend time designing the ideal pool to fit your yard and needs. There are many things to decide when

Wall Vase

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Hanging a holiday wreath on your door is a quick and simple way to decorate your house and neighborhood, while sending out a warm welcome to visitors. Wreaths come in many styles to suit your preferences, along with the architecture, interior and landscape design of your home. You can choose a wreat

Disposal of Old Hot Tubs

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Whether you are remodeling your spa space or have just moved into a home with an old hot tub, you'll need to get rid of it. Hot tubs are large and heavy, so hauling them to the dump or putting them on the curb for the garbage collectors to pick up isn't usually an option. They are usually difficult