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About Stargazer Lilies

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Lilies have been a favorite flower since ancient times. The stargazer lily hybrid was developed in 1978 and is now a regular choice in bouquets and arrangements. White stargazers can symbolize purity and innocence, as well as express sympathy. Pink stargazers convey a promise of good fortune, romanc

Rock Salt to Kill Grass

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For many homeowners, the ideal lawn is full of lush, green grass. Yet, if your landscaping vision excludes grass, rock salt is the answer. Known also as table salt, rock salt dries out grass and weeds, depriving them of needed moisture and kills grass safely, inexpensively and thoroughly. It also ki

Bugs on Plumeria Plants

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Plumeria are tropical trees with dark green leathery leaves and white, yellow or pink flowers that are known for their heady fragrance. Although they can grow 20 feet tall or higher in the wild, gardeners often control their size by planting them in pots. Plumeria are easy to grow, but many bugs att