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How to Sell Books

Personal Finance
Book lovers everywhere run into the problem of what to do with all those books once they’re done reading them. No one wants a room full of books. Why not sell them? Selling books you no longer need is a great way to pass along the adventures the books offered, and a way to make you a little m

Remuneration vs. Salary

Personal Finance
When an employee works for a company, she usually receives a salary as well as benefits. In many cases, the benefits are substantial and add a lot to her total compensation, which is commonly called remuneration. Knowing the difference between remuneration and salary is essential to understanding wh

How To Finance a Vehicle

Personal Finance
Shopping for vehicle financing is almost as important as shopping for the vehicle itself. Next to a mortgage, financing a vehicle is the largest financial transaction many of us will ever make. Fortunately, several options are available: financing through the automotive maker, taking a car loan from