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List of Spaniel Breeds

Dog Breeds
The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes 13 different breeds of spaniel. Believed to have come from Spain originally, spaniels were bred to flush animals out of bushes and dense vegetation. All spaniels were once categorized as either water or land spaniels. The British first started...

Winter Apparel for Dogs

Dog Breeds
When it's cold outside, you put on a coat or a sweater to ensure that you stay warm. You wouldn't let your child go play or walk around outside without the proper gear, right? Why should pet owners treat their pets any differently? If it's cold outside and you think your dog might be cold, it might

Dog Park Fundraising Ideas

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Dog parks offer a great, safe place for owners to bring their dogs for socialization and exercise off leash. Many communities are speaking up and asking for such a park in their neighborhoods. To build these parks, cities often require a demonstration of community support, so fundraisers...