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About Pet Fish

Pets Fish
An aquarium with pet fish is a sight to behold. You can create an entire underwater world for them to thrive in and for you to enjoy. You can have a single fish in a small bowl or a large aquarium full of numerous species with lots of vibrant colors. There are many benefits to having pet fish in you

Alternatives to Aquarium Gravel

Pets Fish
Aquarium gravel provides a versatile and natural base to a fish tank but there are alternative substrates available, and you can also mix items for a unique aquascape. Sand, crushed coral, shells or rock clusters can all create attractive formations in your aquarium. Some gravel alternatives can low

Goldfish Swim Bladder Problems

Pets Fish
Fish are very sensitive to their environments and for this reason can become ill frequently. Any change in water quality, pH, temperature or food provided can provoke negative reactions. One reaction to watch for is swim bladder problem. Many times by simply reversing the change, the malady may be c