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How to Calculate MBH

MBH, also known as mBtu is a set standard of measurement of Btus per hour. Btus, or British thermal units, are a measurement of power when measured over time. mbh is calculated using the known Btus per hour, wattage or horsepower of a particular device. Knowing MBH can help you to better compare the

Math Games for Grade 3

Math is one of the most difficult subjects for beginning students. Kids who are in third grade should have a strong grasp of basic arithmetic. However, they will be stuck practicing problems and learning new concepts every day. This can get boring. Using math games to teach your child can make this

Home Schooling?

Every parent wants their children to get the very best education they can, but with the public school system having the problems it is currently experiencing and private schools not being financially available to all, many parents are turning back to homeschooling.Homeschooling is not a new idea; in