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Succession Law Reform Act

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The Succession Law Reform Act is legislation governing wills and estates in Ontario, Canada. The act declares the structure that a valid will must follow, how the property of a person who dies without leaving a will (intestate) is dealt with, and the rights that a spouse has to property held jointl

Decedent's IRA Rules

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Inheriting money in an account established as a traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) is about as complicated as it gets. When you are the beneficiary, you must make important decisions regarding transfer of the money from the decedent's IRA to you. The answers to two...

How to Create Last Wills

Wills & trusts
Writing a last will and testament is an important step in managing your estate. Having a clear and legal will is an immense aid in dividing the estate of a deceased person and can greatly reduce the burden placed on a family after the death of an individual. Legal wills can be created by anyone over